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Pigment Dyes
Buy from us pigment dyes in different shades of yellow and orange. The water soluble dyes are used for colouring different types of material, right from cosmetics, plastic, paint to ink. Available in the form of powder, these ensure products that are colour fast and light fast. 

Meta Nitro Para Toluidine (MNPT)
Meta Nitro Para Toluidine (MNPT) is a trade name of 4-METHYL 2-NITROANILINE that is available in the form of powder. This orange powder is around 99% pure with a specific molecular weight, bulk density, melting point and boiling point. 

Fast Bordeaux GP Base
Fast Bordeaux GP Base also known as 4-Methoxy-2-nitroaniline finds use in pigment as intermediate and pharma. The orange red powder with a purity of over 99% is slightly soluble in water. It can be used to dye yarn and fabric, like cotton. 

Fast Red-B Base
Fast Red-B Base also known by names, like 2 Methoxy 4 Nitroaniline PNOA, 4 Nitro Ortho Anisidine and 2 Amino 5 Nitroaniline, is a yellow powder that is soluble in water. It finds use in dyeing and printing cotton, silk, etc. 

Fast Scarlet-R Base
Fast Scarlet-R Base, also called as 4 Nitro 2 anisidine and Lake Orange G, is used in dye intermediates and dyestuff. It is used to dye cotton fabric in bright orange colour. Its melting point is 116C - 117C. 

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